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Vancouver is Ummm… Very Niiiiiiice

Ummm…. Vancouver is very niiiiiiiice. Just in general, it feels cleaner and more modern. Probably since they don’t get 100000m of snow or have hockey fans trashing the city like us. The buildings are quite more stylish and are a lot more glassy, probably because of weather too. Even the electric buses and the lack of a subway adds to the nicer-climate-feel of the city. You won’t even hear those buses creeping up to you until you get hit. The view down every street is amazing with snow peaked mountains in the background and cherry blossoms in the foreground.

Lost Lagoon and Stanley Park also gives a nice relaxing ambiance and are just nice places to take a break. There’s shores and sand everywhere and the whole pace of the city seem to be slower and more relaxing. It’s definitely a nice place to have little retreat house when I get old.

Next stop…. Nanaimo

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