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Day 2 in Lhasa

… and still alive!

OHhhhhh WTF!!!! Some one knocks on my door, I open and it’s a fucking cop. I was ready to jump for my knife and the guy hands me 5¥… Turns out he’s just the security for the hotel and he’s handing me the change for the Lhasa beer they just delivered to my room. Xiao lives another day!!

Potala PalacePotala PalaceCopsters

I got up too late today and sights around Lhasa closes early. Potala temple can only be entered during the morning so I ended up walking around the city and reading in bookstores for another day. Forget the whole ethnicity thing yesterday, it’s actually extremely easy to recognize 汉 (Han) from 藏 (Tibetan), I just haven’t seen any non-Tibetans yesterday in the East side of the city. But moving towards the Potala temple and to the west of it, almost everyone is clearly Han. Even the cops are more Han than Zang. Funny thing is no buildings in the Han majority area is damaged. But here, I can clearly see that the fancier stores are owned by Han Chinese.

The square in front and the park behind the Potala temple are very nice and relaxing. Tibetans are playing chess and turning their prayer wheels and the Han tourists are taking pictures and walking around with their shopping bags.

The entire west side of the town seems to be a giant car dealership and nothing’s damaged here. The police presence is a bit higher on this side too. The most intense security I’ve seen so far is a command vehicle with loudspeakers mounted on the roof.

More Potala PalaceHail Dalai Lama!!

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